The Will Sherwood Memorial Cup is Wolvercote CC’s intraclub cup competition. It is competed by three mixed teams, selected via draft at the start of the season. Each team will play the others twice throughout the season, with the top two facing off against each other at the end of the year for the trophy. 2021’s teams will be Sam Payne’s Supernovas (captained by Sam Payne), Potter’s Pacers (captained by Chris Potter), and George’s Knights (captained by Brian George).

Fixture Dates

Match one: Potter’s Pacers vs Sam Payne Supernovas

Supernovas won the toss and elected to bat.

Borlikar29R Gupta2-14

Supernovas won by 51 runs

Match two: George’s Knights vs Sam Payne Supernovas

Knights won the toss and elected to bat.

R. Gupta16*

Knights conceded after 11 overs

Potter’s Pacers vs George’s Knights

Potter’s Pacers125-4
George’s Knights126-3
George’s Knights won by 7 wickets

Sam Payne’s Supernovas vs Potter’s Pacers

Sam Payne’s Supernovas vs George’s Knights

Reserve Date

Reserve Date

Finals Day, Cutteslowe Park


1Sam Payne’s Supernovas22004
2Potter’s Pacers20022
3George’s Knights21010

Teams and Squads

Sam Payne’s Supernovas

Akerman, Tom
Ashraf, Yusuf
Chapman, Josh
Cooper, Sam
Crouch, Daniel
Day, Andrew
Dent, Alastair
Elliott, Jason
Evans, Gareth
Gardner-Morrison, Gus
Gillham, David
Glenny, Rob
Gupta, Kunal
Gupta, Rahul
Kothapalle, Samanu
Kotnis, Rishi
Lohan, Philipp
Madden, Ben
Manzoor, Shahrukh
Payne, Sam (Captain)
Pinhol, Nicolas
Pratap, Rajat
Ravachandran, Sid
Robinson, Stuart
Shah, Hash
Shah, Irfan
Sheehan, William
Sheehan, Dom
Zafur, Ibi

Potter’s Pacers

Albin, Nicolas
Axten, David
Babbs, Chris
Beaumont, Alex
Bird, Matthew
Borlikar, Amit
Carroll, Liam
Chrystal, Alice
Chrystal, John
Cunningham, Charlie
Hill, Joe
Homer, Cameron
Jones, Darren
Lewis, Marc
Lohan, Nihar
MacNamara, James
Martin, Jimmy
Murgatroyd, Luke
Pomnambalam, Rameshwaran
Potter, Chris (Captain)
Quinn, David
Riding, Thomas
Robins, Norm
Sadler, Neil
Shafqat, Mo
Shelley, William
Shelley,  Toby
Speight, Sam
Spriggings, Toby

George’s Knights

Adams, Sam
Ahmed, Barkat
Boulle, Mark
Bratby, Miles
Brook, David
Brunsdon, Billy
Child, Mark
Coles, Will
Dury, Dan
Elias, Sean
Enticknap, Cip
Field, Tom
George, Brian (Captain)
Gibbons, Otis
Gupta, JP
James, Daniel
Joy, Carl
Lynch, Chris
Manzoor, Tohsif
Murray, Tom
O’Hickey, Conor
Oliver, Rich
Orme, Chris
Sherwood, Tom
Sherwood, Emma
Trinder, George
Trowbridge, Harry
Trowbridge, Emma
Walsh, Phil