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Club Rules & Selection Policy

  1. Members are expected to have read and observe the Cherwell League constitution and playing rules (available from the League website).
  2. Members should always act with in the Laws of Cricket and conform to the ECB ‘Code of Conduct’ and ‘Spirit of Cricket’ directives (available from the ECB website), as well as the Cherwell League’s disciplinary regulations.
  3. When representing the club, members must observe any instructions or requests from St Edward’s Staff and always conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on the club.
  4. Only members who have fully paid subscription fees and are registered with the league are eligible for selection.
  5. Match fees are payable on the day of the game. This applies even if a match is abandoned during play. In the event of a game being cancelled prior to play being commenced a reduced fee is liable (to be set at the discretion of the captain) as fees for umpires/teas may still be incurred.
  6. Priority for selection will normally rest with those players who have trained regularly with the club. Where this has not been possible (eg. joining late or attending University), members should normally expect in the first instance to play for the 4th, 3rd, or 2nd XI unless exceptional circumstances apply.
    • Regular training is defined as attending advertised sessions as often as possible/practical including out of season. Members are responsible for communicating to training managers if they know they will be absent in advance.
  7. Decisions on selection are the responsibility of the Team Captains and the Club Training Manager, however they should, in the normal course of events, be willing to discuss and advise on their rationale.
  8. A member is expected to play for the team for which they are selected and can not choose the team they play for; priority on selection always rests with the 1st team.
  9. It is a member’s responsibility to inform the Team Captains or Selector that they are not going to be available for selection by Monday evening of the week of the game. The club has an opt-out selection policy, this means members are assumed to be available unless we hear otherwise.
  10. Teams will be published at the latest on Tuesday evenings for Saturday games, and at least 48 hours before any other fixtures.
  11. Any member cancelling within 48 hours of a game should, unless there are exceptional circumstances, expect to pay the match fee for the player selected to replace them.
  12. Members should expect to stay for the full duration of any game unless they have informed the Captain prior to selection of any exceptional circumstances.
  13. Members are expected to support the club and Captains via offering to transport other members to and from grounds, set up scoreboards, boundary flags, score, produce or set/clear teas etc. as required.
  14. Members are expected to support the club in honouring any obligations agreed with sponsors of the club and respect that it is only through this sponsorship that the club can operate.
  15. Members are expected to arrive at least 45 minutes before a game is due to start or earlier if requested by the respective Captain.
  16. The Club has an officially elected Committee comprising of a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Secretary, Captains of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th XIs, Training Manager, Friendly Fixtures Secretary, Youth Manager, Website Manager and up to 6 playing members. The committee shall be empowered to act on behalf of the club in all matters, and individual roles and terms of office are set out on the committee page.

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