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First XI Fixtures

Captain's Welcome

Barkat Ahmed

Wolvercote 1st XI is a well balanced side in all regards. We have an even distribution of the fit and the unfit; fat and thin; fast and slow; home-bred and overseas imports; run scorers and wicket takers; great catchers and well, the not so great! But, most of all, we provide the right balance between the desire to win and ensuring that we play the game in the right spirit.

We have a team that holds sportsmanship, camaraderie and teamwork in high regard and this translates into a friendly environment for us to spend our Saturday afternoons soaking up some sun, winning some cricket matches and indulging in some friendly banter between ourselves and any like-minded opposition.

The culture at Wolvercote has bred success in our league games where we have now been promoted for six of the last eight seasons as well as winning the Telegraph Cup in 2015. We have our goals firmly set on achieving success now that we’re in the Cherwell League!


Wolvercote’s First XI currently plays its cricket in Division 5C of the Cherwell Cricket League.

17 May 13:00Steventon 1 vs Wolvercote 1Win-LoseWolvercote won by 7 wickets

214 May13:00Wolvercote 1 vs Wantage & Grove 1Win-LoseWolvercote won by 5 wickets

321 May13:00Horspath 4 vs Wolvercote 1Win-LoseWolvercote won by 5 wickets

428 May13:00Dorchester 1 vs Wolvercote 1Win-LoseWolvercote won by 112 runs

54 June13:00Wolvercote 1 vs Challow and Childrey 2Win-LoseChallow and Childrey won by 38 runs

611 June13:00East Oxford 2 vs Wolvercote 1Win-Lose-DrawEast Oxford won by 6 wickets

718 June13:00Wolvercote 1 vs Radley 1Win-Lose-DrawWolvercote won by 5 wickets

825 June13:00Clifton Hampden 1 vs Wolvercote 1 Win-Lose-DrawMatch drawn

92 July13:00Wolvercote 1 vs Wootton and Boars Hill 1Win-Lose-DrawMatch drawn

109 July13:00Wolvercote 1 vs Steventon 1 Win-Lose-Draw
1116 July13:00Wantage & Grove 1 vs Wolvercote 1Win-Lose-Draw
1223 July13:00Wolvercote 1 vs Horspath 4 Win-Lose-Draw
1330 July13:00Wolvercote 1 vs Dorchester 1 Win-Lose-Draw
146 August13:00Challow and Childrey 2 vs Wolvercote 1 Win-Lose-Draw
1513 August13:00Wolvercote 1 vs East Oxford 2 Win-Lose
1620 August13:00Radley 1 vs Wolvercote 1 Win-Lose
1727 August12:30Wolvercote 1 vs Clifton Hampden 1 Win-Lose
183 September12:30Wootton and Boars Hill 1 vs Wolvercote 1 Win-Lose

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