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Fourth XI Fixtures

Captain: Phil Lohan

2021 saw the inaugural season for Wolvercote CC 4th XI. It is a remarkable indication of how far we have come in such a short space of time having only established a 2nd XI in 2008 and the 3rd XI in 2017! Nick Pinhol set up the Youth programme less than a decade ago and now we find ourselves fielding a team dedicated to providing a platform for our young cricketers in a formal adult league setting.

We have three principles in the 4s:

  1. We exist to give youth players a pathway into adult cricket: availability permitting, we have 5 youth players selected by the youth coaches that make the squad every week
  2. Everyone gets a chance to contribute: we do our best to ensure that every player either gets a bat or a bowl on any given Saturday
  3. We play to have fun – and take pride in the positives we draw from every game, even if we don’t win!


I’m thrilled to skipper the side and help create an environment which makes their first taste of adult cricket something our youngsters will look back on with fondness and pride.

Phil Lohann


Wolvercote’s Fourth XI play in Division 8B of the Cherwell Cricket League.

WeekDateTimeFixtureFormatResult/ScorecardNotable Performances
16 May 13:00Wolvercote 4 vs Witney Mills 3Win-LoseMatch abandoned
213 May13:00NO FIXTUREWin-Lose
320 May13:00Wolvercote 4 vs Sunningwell 2Win-LoseMatch forfeited by Sunningwell.
427 May13:00Bampton 2 vs Wolvercote 4Win-LoseWolvercote beat Bampton by 4 wickets.

S. Palmer 4-28

P. Lohann 55*, O. Beard 30*
53 June13:00Wolvercote 4 vs Oxford Downs 4Win-LoseOxford Downs beat Wolvercote by 94 runs.

N. Lovell 35
610 June13:00Wolvercote 4 vs Eynsham 2Win-Lose-DrawEynsham beat Wolvercote by 4 wickets

M. Lewis 54
717 June13:00Shipton-under-Wychwood 4 vs Wolvercote 4Win-Lose-DrawWolvercote beat Shipton-under-Wychwood by 101 runs.

J. Lovell 79, N. Gil 37*

S. Palmer 3-23, S. Agnihotri 3-19
824 June13:00Wolvercote 4 vs Minster Lovell 3Win-Lose-DrawMinster Lovell beat Wolvercote by 8 wickets.

A. Beaumont 33, J. Lovell 34
91 July13:00Oxenford 3 vs Wolvercote 4Win-Lose-DrawOxenford beat Wolvercote by 13 runs.

S. Palmer 4-23, I. Gavaghan 3-9
108 July13:00Witney Mills 3 vs Wolvercote 4Win-Lose-DrawWolvercote beat Witney Mills by 8 runs.

I. Zafur 33, T. Bratby 54

S. Robinson 3-24, S. Palmer 6-53
1115 July13:00NO FIXTUREWin-Lose-Draw

1222 July13:00Sunningwell 2 vs Wolvercote 4Win-Lose-DrawMatch abandoned
1329 July13:00Wolvercote 4 vs Bampton 2Win-Lose-DrawWolvercote Drew with Bampton

D. Sheehan 66*

N. Robins 3-27
145 August13:00Oxford Downs 4 vs Wolvercote 4Win-Lose-DrawMatch abandoned
1512 August13:00Eynsham 2 vs Wolvercote 4Win-LoseEynsham beat Wolvercote by 3 runs (D/L method)

I. Zafur 40

1619 August13:00Wolvercote 4 vs Shipton-under-Wychwood 4Win-LoseWolvercote beat Shipton-under-Wychwood by 93 runs.

H. Rahim 98, D. Robinson 56

1726 August12:30Minster Lovell 3 vs Wolvercote 4Win-LoseWolvercote beat Minster Lovell by 4 wickets.

M. Boulle 40*
182 September12:30Wolvercote 4 (at Cairns Fudge CC) vs Oxenford 3Win-LoseOxenford beat Wolvercote by 157 runs

T. Bratby 5-15


Wolvercote’s Fourth XI played in Division 8A of the Cherwell Cricket League in 2022.

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