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Fourth XI Fixtures

Captain's Welcome

Phil Lohan

2021 saw the inaugural season for Wolvercote CC 4th XI. It is a remarkable indication of how far we have come in such a short space of time having only established a 2nd XI in 2008 and the 3rd XI in 2017! Nick Pinhol set up the Youth programme less than a decade ago and now we find ourselves fielding a team dedicated to providing a platform for our young cricketers in a formal adult league setting.

I’m thrilled to skipper the side and help create an environment which makes their first taste of adult cricket something our youngsters will look back on with fondness and pride. We aim to blend youth and experience (how about a pair of opening bowlers with an age gap of 52 years?), and take pride in the positives we draw from every game!


Wolvercote’s Fourth XI currently plays its cricket in Division 8A of the Cherwell Cricket League.

17 May 13:00Wolvercote 4 vs Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 3 Win-LoseWolvercote won by 8 wickets

214 May13:00Chearsley 2 vs Wolvercote 4 Win-LoseChearsley won by 37 runs

321 May13:00Wolvercote 4 vs Tiddington 4 Win-LoseWolvercote won by 10 wickets

428 May13:00Waddesdon 2 vs Wolvercote 4 Win-LoseWolvercote won by 2 runs

54 June13:00Wolvercote 4 vs Long Marston 3 Win-LoseWolvercote won by 6 wickets

611 June13:00Wolvercote 4 vs Kidlington 3 Win-Lose-DrawKidlington won by 54 runs

718 June13:00Watlington 2 vs Wolvercote 4 Win-Lose-DrawMatch drawn

825 June13:00Wolvercote 4 vs Bicester & North Oxford 3 Win-Lose-DrawBicester & North Oxford won by 1 wicket

92 July13:00Oxford 4 vs Wolvercote 4 Win-Lose-DrawMatch drawn

109 July13:00Oxford & Bletchingdon Nondescripts 3 vs Wolvercote 4 Win-Lose-Draw
1116 July13:00Wolvercote 4 vs Chearsley 2Win-Lose-Draw
1223 July13:00Tiddington 4 vs Wolvercote 4 Win-Lose-Draw
1330 July13:00Wolvercote 4 vs Waddesdon 2 Win-Lose-Draw
146 August13:00Long Marston 3 vs Wolvercote 4 Win-Lose-Draw
1513 August13:00Kidlington 3 vs Wolvercote 4 Win-Lose
1620 August13:00Wolvercote 4 vs Watlington 2 Win-Lose
1727 August12:30Bicester & North Oxford 3 vs Wolvercote 4 Win-Lose
183 September12:30Wolvercote 4 vs Oxford 4 Win-Lose

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