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Second XI Fixtures

Captain's Welcome

Chris Babbs

I started my time at Wolvercote in the 2nd XI in the summer of 2013 and enjoyed several successful seasons before being seconded to the 1’s in 2017. Now I’m in my very late 40’s, it seems like the right time relinquish a first XI spot and hope it’s grabbed some younger talent, who actually might be able to run to the boundary and back more than once in an afternoon. What better way to achieve this than by skippering the 2’s for a year to help fulfill our role of developing and nurturing the club’s talent to supply the 1st XI with the players to allow them to vie for promotion, whilst striving for success ourselves.

I’m really happy to be taking over captaincy of the 2nd XI for the 2022 season, although a little daunted to be following in the footsteps of Captain Oliver, under who’s stewardship the 2nd XI won promotion last year. This season is a little unusual as we are in the same Tier as the 1st XI, however, the club is hoping to resolve this with a promotion. As well as being a season of consolidation for the 2’s, 2022 could be the season things feel a little more normal after all the disruption of the last two pandemic years and the novelty of joining the Cherwell league from the OCA last year. Of course, being a Wolvercote team, we’ll fulfil these aims whilst enjoying our Saturday afternoons (sunny or otherwise) and creating a friendly environment for players, scorers and umpires that celebrates the diversity in our club and ensures we play with a smile, whether we’re the windshield or the bug on any given Saturday. But that’s not to say we won’t heartily celebrate the days when it all comes together and stand united if we lose at all.


Wolvercote’s Second XI was promoted from Division 6A of the Cherwell Cricket League in 2021. In 2022 they will play in Division 5B.

17 May 13:00Wolvercote 2 vs Minster Lovell 2 Win-LoseWolvercote won by 7 wickets

214 May13:00Broughton and North Newington 1 vs Wolvercote 2Win-LoseWolvercote won by 80 runs

321 May13:00Wolvercote 2 vs Cairns Fudge 1Win-LoseWolvercote won by 3 wickets

428 May13:00Wolvercote 2 vs Shipton-under-Wychwood 2 Win-LoseShipton-under-Wychwood 2 won by 3 wickets

54 June13:00Risinghurst 1 vs Wolvercote 2 Win-LoseRisinghurst won by 162 runs

611 June13:00Wolvercote 2 vs Combe 1Win-Lose-DrawCombe won by 8 wickets

718 June13:00Horley 2 vs Wolvercote 2 Win-Lose-DrawMatch abandoned

825 June13:00Wolvercote 2 vs Kidlington 1 Win-Lose-DrawWolvercote won by 72 runs

92 July13:00Sandford St Martin 2 vs Wolvercote 2 Win-Lose-DrawWolvercote won by 4 wickets

109 July13:00Minster Lovell 2 vs Wolvercote 2 Win-Lose-Draw
1116 July13:00Wolvercote 2 vs Broughton and North Newington 1Win-Lose-Draw
1223 July13:00Cairns Fudge 1 vs Wolvercote 2 Win-Lose-Draw
1330 July13:00Shipton-under-Wychwood 2 vs Wolvercote 2Win-Lose-Draw
146 August13:00Wolvercote 2 vs Risinghurst 1 Win-Lose-Draw
1513 August13:00Combe 1 vs Wolvercote 2 Win-Lose
1620 August13:00Wolvercote 2 vs Horley 2 Win-Lose
1727 August12:30Kidlington 1 vs Wolvercote 2 Win-Lose
183 September12:30Wolvercote 2 vs Sandford St Martin 2 Win-Lose

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